Almost everyone will have experienced the nasty shock of an unexpectedly high phone bill, but with business mobiles, keeping costs low is essential. These 6 tips and tricks will go a long way to helping you keep your phone bills manageable:

Never return a call from voicemail

If you select the option to return the call from voicemail, the full duration of the call will be chargeable. If you hang up your voicemail and dial the number as normal, the call will come out of your minutes.

GoogleUse Google not directory enquiries

My advice would be to avoid calling 118 wherever possible and instead “Google” the company you are looking for. Calls put through by 118 are charged at £2.75 for connection and then £2.99 per minute. If you have no alternative but to call 118, then ask them to text you the number rather than putting you through. You can then dial the number as normal, and the call will come out of your minutes. If you do get put through, you will continue to be charged £2.99 per minute for the entire duration of the call.

Avoid calling premium rate 0845 & 0870 numbers

It’s worth checking out the website before calling a company, or asking for their local number if you call them regularly, as a lot of businesses have alternative local numbers you can call using your minutes.

Free Conference Calling from your Network

We see a lot of charges relating to call conferencing facilities, but did you know that networks such as EE and O2 offer a conferencing service free of charge as part of their tariffs? EE offer conferencing for up to 20 users at any one time and O2 will allow up to 40 users. Please feel free to get in touch for further details.

Minimise mobile data usage and make the most of Wi-FiMinimise mobile data usage

In your settings you can restrict unnecessary background data by stopping specific apps from using mobile data to update. These apps will now refresh in the background only over Wi-Fi. Bear in mind restricting background data for your Mail and apps like Facebook or WhatsApp will mean you won’t receive new message notifications unless you physically launch the app.

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