Smartphone batteries don’t last forever, but there are lot’s of things you can do to boost your Androids battery life.

Lower the brightness
Your screen is usually the biggest battery drain in your smartphone. Ensure that it’s using as little power as possible by disabling ‘Auto Brightness’ in your settings. To make your Android battery last even longer, keep your screens brightness at 50% or lower.

Turn off WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth and mobile data
And start saving a lot of battery life. You’ll never need both WiFi and Mobile Data switched on at the same time, unless you’re running a mobile hotspot. Many apps use your location to provide real-time location data, but if you rarely use location-based apps, leaving the GPS off will save a lot of power. As well as being a battery drain, having your Bluetooth switched on for extended periods of time poses a security risk. It is always better to switch off these services when they’re not in use.

Stop using Auto-Sync
Android Auto-Sync can be useful for apps like Gmail that connect frequently to servers to update mail, but bear in mind it runs as a background process that constantly saps your phone’s battery. By default, everything is set to sync, however through your settings you can turn off auto-sync altogether or just for specific apps. Remember, switching off auto-sync means you’ll have to manually refresh your apps, but your battery will thank you for it.

Use Android’s built-in battery monitor
Suspended apps — apps that are minimised but not closed — can still consume a lot of power without your knowledge. Luckily, Android phones have a built-in battery monitor, giving you a list of all your apps and system services and the battery power they consume. Making sure to properly close the apps that suck up the most power will extend the life of your battery.

Power saving mode
To help improve battery life, the power saving mode reduces device performance and limits vibration and background data. Turn it on when your running low on battery to make your phone last that little bit longer. On some phones, the power saving mode can be set to automatically turn on when your battery goes below a certain percentage.

Turn on sleep
Sleep time dictates the amount of time the screen will wait while it’s inactive before switching off. It’s usually set to 30 seconds but set it to the quickest and you’ll be able to squeeze a few extra minutes out of your phone’s battery.

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