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Today’s business environment is increasingly complex, which over time can cost you money. For example, as your business expands more products and services are sourced from third parties, businesses invariably end up buying too many things from too many different suppliers. However organisations are starting to realise that by consolidating their suppliers, they can save a great amount of time, money and frustration.

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In fact, a study undertaken by Turnstone found that they were able to save a company £65,000 per year by consolidating their communications and IT supplier base.

Take a look at the following benefits, to see what you could gain by using just one supplier for all your business communications and technology…

1. Save Time

Managing and procuring products and services from multiple suppliers means your employees are currently spending unnecessary hours dealing with different suppliers and their individual processes, compliances and contracts. Having a single point of contact for your telecom, IT and mobile services will save your employees precious time. Take your finance department for example; once the number of transactions decrease, your finance department will only have to work on paperwork and invoicing for one company, freeing up extra time to concentrate on different priorities.

2. Reduce Costs

A single supplier can dramatically reduce your spending..

Consider how much you are currently spending on your IT, mobile, telecoms and connectivity services separately, if you were to use just one company you’d probably cut down on a lot of charges you don’t always realise you are paying for such as tax, delivery and service. Plus, in such a competitive environment, suppliers will often offer discounts or special offers when multiple services are chosen so that the more services you put through one supplier, the better deal you will receive.

3. Efficient Fault Resolution

A single point of contact for support reduces frustration and improves service delivery. Imagine a scenario where your telephone lines; provided by ‘supplier 1’ fail, and then your phone systems go down; provided by ‘supplier 2’. You’d have to go through the process of contacting two different suppliers to find out where the issue lies in order for it to be fixed. With commodities as mission critical as your phones and internet, it is vital that issues are fixed as quickly and efficiently as possible. In our experience, this often isn’t the case as it is usually left with the customer to try and decide which supplier is responsible thus increasing the time to restore. Having a single supplier for all your communications and IT technology services cuts out this risk, so that you can focus solely on your business without the hassle of going back and forth between multiple suppliers.

Don’t take our word for it; Rob Mott from Charters Estate Agents consolidated all their Telecoms, IT and Business Mobiles to Opus Team in 2012.

Charters Estate Agents - Rob Mott

At Opus Team we understand how important it is to keep a step ahead of the competition, which is why we offer a wide range of products and services to suit any business. Get in touch to find out more about consolidating your communications and technology suppliers into one Opus Team.

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